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            RFID public logistics information sharing and exchanging solution

            鄧輝舫 , Huifang Deng* , Xingtao Liang

            Int. J. Manufacturing Technology and Management, Vol. X, No.Y, XXXX,-0001,():



            By a thorough analysis of the contents and scope of the publiclogistics information, a role-based multilevel solution of information sharing isproposed. And by use of metadata theory, the unified description andclassification of the information are done with an aim to achieve heterogeneousdata sharing and exchanging. Based on this, a service-oriented-architecture(SOA)-based system framework is put forward in order to integrate and reuseexisting systems, data and service resources. By introducing web service andbusiness process execution language (BPEL), etc. into the solution, servicesreuse and businesses automatisation are achieved. In this way, the degree ofinformatisation of supply chains management can be deepened, the interactionsbetween governmental departments and enterprises can be enhanced and theprocess of customs e-governing can be accelerated. Finally, an application ofthe solution to a logistics customs clearance information sharing platform isalso given to show its applicability.

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