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            Generative 3D Images in a visual evolutionary computing system

            劉弘 , Hong Liu

            ComSIS Vol. 7, No.1, Special Issue, February 112 2010,-0001,():



            This paper presents a novel computer-aided design system which uses a computational approach to producing 3D images for stimulating creativity of designers. It introduces the genetic algorithm first. Then a binary tree based genetic algorithm is presented. This approach is illustrated by a 3D image generative example, which uses complex function expressions as chromosomes to form a binary tree, and all genetic operations are performed on the binary tree. Corresponding complex functions are processed by MATLAB software to form 3D images of artistic flowers. This generative design is integrated with a visualization interface, which allows designers to interact and select from instances for design evolution. It shows the system is able to enhance the possibility of discovering various potential design solutions.

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