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            The Shenyang History Museum of Septem ber 18th Incident was built, behind the broken monument erected to com memorate the incident thai took place m 1931. on a narrow piece of ground (700mx 45m), flannked on one side by the Shenyang-Harbin Rail way and on the other by a main thoroughfare of the metropolis. The monument, which respects the historical facts, constitutes the main idea for designing the project. By the side of the monument, surrounded by a wall, there is a 100-mette-long s-shaped driveway leading up to the museum The tablet made by the Japanese army to tell the invented story of a born bcase, pretext to start the invasion against China. is still kept there. A wall was buile along the railway to fend off the rattling noise. The ham e of the museum over the entrance of the building was written by President Jiang Zeroing. On the surface of the building are the sculptures in high relief. The design of the exhibition halls is smooth and flowing, and a strong com meorative atm osphere can be felt. At the end of the build-ing, there is a pillar in com memoration of the Anti-Japanese War. The 400-metre-long museum has become an important landmark in the vicinity.

            【免責聲明】以下全部內容由[齊康]上傳于[2005年10月11日 22時45分51秒],版權歸原創者所有。本文僅代表作者本人觀點,與本網站無關。本網站對文中陳述、觀點判斷保持中立,不對所包含內容的準確性、可靠性或完整性提供任何明示或暗示的保證。請讀者僅作參考,并請自行承擔全部責任。


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